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Hi, I am Jessica Lynum, founder and CEO of Harmonized Creations. I welcome you and, with gratitude, thank you for finding your way here.

Harmonized Creations has been many years in the making. It took a lot of different roads, a lot of self-healing and self-discovery, and truly connecting to my heart to end up here. I am grateful because all these beautiful roads I have taken have led me to create Harmonized Creations.

As a young child, a local medicine man in Fiji introduced me to plant medicine and its incredible healing ability. In my teens, I deepened my yoga practice to help heal my back injuries from gymnastics. Through deepening my practice with yoga, I experienced the incredible combination of movement and breath, allowing me to discover a meditative state. Once I experienced the meditative state, I wanted more of it. In my twenties, I deepened my exploration of yoga, meditation, breathwork, plant medicine, crystals, angel card readings, nature, and, most recently, sound healing. All these modalities have come together in a beautiful harmony that birthed my company, Harmonized Creations.

The human body is an incredible machine. While there are similarities in the foundations, each body composition is individual, complex, and unique, just as we are. What works for one may not work for another, and vice versa. Not only that, but one healing modality may not work for all or even just that one person. In my journey of self-healing, I have found that my body, mind, and soul require different modalities at different phases and stages. One modality is not a cure-all.

At Harmonized Creations, I aim to create harmony within the body, mind, and soul through many modalities. I leverage my self-healing journey to accumulate tools for my toolbox to access anytime. The more tools I develop and gather, the more angles I can address each situation. It allows for greater perceptions and innerstandings about different situations.

Throughout my journey, I have developed and continue to develop my skills, knowledge, and innerstanding of my modalities through personal practice and continued learning. The most recent and prominent modality I have been using is Sound Healing. Sound healing is an excellent way to help heal the body while not doing much besides setting an intention and allowing the sound to work its magic. For my clients, it is also a phenomenal way to enable them to carve out some time to relax, rest, and receive from the everyday hustle and bustle.

With pure intention, action, gratitude, and a crystal or two (or many), I aim to provide a safe space for you to tune into yourself, connect within, and go on a journey to find your inner light and shine it bright.


I came away from the session feeling lighter, calmer, centered, and more in tune with my body. The meditation cards were spot on and provided me with guidance and clarity. If you are constantly busy but looking for more balance, calmness, clarity, increased self-awareness, and to become more aware of your surroundings, I would highly recommend a session with Jess. You won't regret it!

Hayley Kellow

Being somewhat new to meditation, I really enjoyed the session with Jess. She made me feel incredibly comfortable, relaxed and helped me focus on my breathing. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and explains everything well. The space is beautiful, and she has several tools like sound bowls, soothing meditation music, crystals, candles, incense, cushions, meditation readings, and angel cards to reveal special messages during meditation.

Hayley Kellow

Beautiful crystals that are top quality. The owner of Bella Joan’s is skilled in knowing the proper crystal for your specific needs. If you are looking for your crystal please reach out to her!

Janelle Cuminsky

She has a beautiful selection of crystals. I’ve seen her hand select a lot of them and have seen how she takes the time to hold and get the vibrational feel for each one. If you are looking for that one special piece then Bella Joan Creations is the place to find it.

Julie Lynum
creating an experience of

Grounded Connection

As we heal each layer of ourselves, we release belief systems that no longer represent our newest version of ourselves as we become more authentic. With increased authenticity, we become more aligned, allowing us to be more connected to our Self, our Heart, and our true desires. When we become more connected, we recognize and acknowledge the micro to macro intricacies of life and its synchronicities. What is meant for us begins to appear with clarity and innerstandings.

At Harmonized Creations, we are about embracing your authenticity by creating a grounded, safe space to experience love, connection, and grace.

My name is


I am a quirky wise old soul who embraces a holistic lifestyle and my deep connection with it. I love all things to do with sound healing, meditation, breathwork, nature walks, crystals, intuition, self-healing, and personal development. I have been on a continual journey to develop my knowledge and innerstanding of my Self, the Oneness that we live amongst, and its energies ever since.


I am here to embody a holistic, harmonized lifestyle, deepen my connection with myself daily, and continue to share and evolve the tools and wisdom I develop. In doing so, I want to activate and facilitate your journey to your true, authentic, aligned Self; to find your inner light so you can shine it bright!

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