desk with crystals

energetic powerhouses!

Of course, crystals are fun and pretty, and we love them, but they are so much more than just good looks! Crystals are energetic powerhouses that can work with us and our energies.

Since crystals have a varying array of compositions, they tend to have abundant properties and ways they help us. Some, but not all, of these ways are by clearing, healing, activating, charging, channeling, grounding, calming, and protecting.

Crystals are incredible and work; however, they need our help (just like we need theirs). It is a two-way street in this relationship! My mission is to provide a complete sense of healing by providing you with the tools and know-how to utilize these crystals for optimal usage.

Energy gets blocked in the body. The mission is to heal you and your blockages so that you expand and flourish into the best and most authentic version of yourself, one step at a time. I am here to teach you how to work with these crystals to create an innerstanding that allows you to gain the knowledge and tools to facilitate healing with these energetic powerhouses.

How are you going to do this with crystals, you might ask? Well, crystals are just one part of the puzzle. If you are looking for a greater innerstanding of these tools called crystals, you can work with me, and I will teach you how to do this. This requires putting in the work on your end to achieve a holistic, all-encompassing experience. I will work with you to see which crystals are best for your individual needs and teach you how to work with them for optimal results. We will discover those areas and find crystals and meditative steps to heal that needing attention by working with me.

I take a lot of care in presenting these crystals to you. Before these crystals get to your hands, I have personally selected them energetically. The crystals are then cleansed, charged, and activated with intentions before selling them. This allows all of you to receive an intentionally cleared, charged and activated crystal so you can find a beautiful piece that is meant for you in the present moment.

Let’s have some fun!

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