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Embracing Your Authenticity

At Bella Joan Creations, we are more than just a crystal shop that you stop into to select some fabulous pieces. We are passionate human beings who teach you how to tune into yourself, connect within, and go on a journey to find your inner light and shine it bright! 

(with fancy crystals by your side, of course!)

Just as each crystal is unique, so are we. We are all different sizes, shapes, colours, compositions, personalities, and, well, let’s face it, traumas. But don’t worry, we can get rid of those pesky traumas with a little honest intention, action, and of course, a crystal or two or three or many many more! Since healing traumas and removing energy blockages is not always the most enticing activity to partake in, we want to make it a little more fun and easy. My favourite way is to set out crystal grids in a safe space to make it a little more intimate, sparkly and fun! But before we do this, we must make sure the crystals are in prime condition to help us. 

My inspiration is to educate you on how to start using crystals as tools on your healing journey by expanding your innerstanding of crystal care, properties, and abilities. All while developing the ability to tune into your body, discover what is going on and select which crystal will assist you most at that moment. With a bit of help in ensuring the crystal are in tip-top shape for tackling the issue at hand, you will be ready and on your way to finding that light so you can shine it bright! 

At Bella Joan Creations, we are all about embracing authenticity!


Love to you all,


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