Let Me introduce Myself!

From an early age, I was deeply connected to something beyond myself. Adults were calling me a wise old soul by the time I was five. I observed their faces of surprise and disbelief that a young child was manifesting such words of wisdom. I did not understand then, but I do now.

Being called a wise old soul was one thing; however, feeling the age of my soul was an entire story on its own. A story that has continued throughout my life as experiences lead me to discover innate wisdom beyond my own comprehension. My knowledge comes from within, not from external sources. It is a feeling, a knowing. A knowing that these messages, delivered like pieces to a puzzle are true with every cell of my being.

I am stubborn in my shoes but soft in my heart. That stubbornness prevented me from always listening, even when my heart wanted to. I would get a premonition, which would come true. While driving, my intuition would be telling me to slow down, and the next thing I knew, I would be passing a police officer, or I would meet someone and know who they were without knowing them because I could feel their energies. I grew to understand that my intuition was powerful and accurate.


“These lessons were a blessing”

I encountered some challenging times by not listening to my intuition. Every time I chose to disregard it, I ended up in harm’s way. You would assume this would have led me to listen to it every time. However, the human in me needed more lessons, and many more lessons are what I received.

These lessons were a blessing. Blessings that have led me on a deep healing journey (not always by choice) that I continue to this day and continuously seek to improve. When I think I have healed a past trauma, life will test me, and I discover that I have more healing to do, deeper healing to do. My healing journeys have allowed me to create a box of tools and a phenomenal tribe that has facilitated and guided me through these healings.

All those lessons led me to where I am today. It hasn’t always been easy; however, all of it has been worth it. The initial dive into shadow work is scary, heavy, dark, challenging, testing, and trialing. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. Although, once you enter into the darkness, you will find a bit of gold; that lesson, that innerstanding, that revelation that makes it all worth it. It allows you to overstand why the situation occurred. That piece of gold that you discover makes you stronger, wiser, and more prepared for what life has to offer next.

My biggest lesson is that it is safe to trust your intuition blindly, to surrender, as Divine Source will not cause harm. Instead, it will lead us away from it or towards something of great value to our journey.

Join me on a healing journey as we discover how you can journey inwards and help heal yourself through varying situations, just like I have and continue to do.

Love to you all,

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